Twitter effectively killing JSONP too

Lost in all the recent Twitter announcements about changing rate limits, killing ATOM, RSS and XML, and 'sunsetting' Anywhere, is the fact that by only allowing OAUTH authenticated requests to version 1.1 of the REST API (which come March 6th will be the only REST API available), they are also effectively killing JSONP access.

What does this mean to developers?

Well, in practice it means all Twitter API requests will now need to be server to server. The scaling advantages of having a browser be able to make requests directly to the Twitter API will be completely removed.

Also, access to the streaming API is not available to browsers (this rather neat library using flash - used to work, until Twitter removed the crossdomain.xml file for to effectively block the use of clients like that.)

Whether this is a deliberate policy of Twitter’s to ensure all communication is server-to-server is not completely clear - from the tone of @episod’s reply to my question my reading is that this is a side effect of changes they are making, not necessarily deliberate.

However, it may well reduce the number of API requests that can be made (as they are removing all browser requests) which may result in a large cost saving for them, so in light of that who can blame them?

Unfortunately this rather FUBARs my current side project I’ve been working on: , so I’m going to put a hold on development of that, unless the situation changes again to make it feasible.

What’s the lesson here?

If you build on top of someone else’s ecosystem, they can change the rules as they see fit, and there’s nothing you can do about it.